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Signature Collection

EIA's 'Signature Collection' consists of a wide range of permanent art displays throughout the terminal. Artwork for this collection has been selected in careful consideration of location and what passengers would be doing in specific areas. Spaces with seating feature art that invites people to relax, whereas art placed in locations where passengers are on the move are designed to be enjoyed while in motion. Click on the photos below to learn more about the specific art displays.

art & architecture at Edmonton International Airport (PDF)

As one of the first airport terminal projects in the world to target LEED certification, the Living Wall demonstrates EIA's commitment to sustainable design.
Everything Flows, Nothing Stands Still celebrates the effect of colour, the seasons, and the ever-present landscape of the North Saskatchewan River, which both bisects and connects the city of Edmonton.
Shadbolt was an important contributor to the development of abstraction and modernism in Canada. Edmonton Airports is proud to have this extraordinary mural in its collection.
A 360º digitally enhanced photographic panorama of the Alberta landscape that shifts gradually from high resolution images to abstracted cubes of colour.
Jason originally painted Old Man Mountain with Great Mother Bear, featuring vibrant colours bordered by his trademark black lines, in acrylic on a canvas measuring 16 feet x 22 inches.
This sculpture is an evolution of Karim’s notion of space, surface and object, all integrated in one organic landscape.
The Arts District Corridor connects the United States Customs and Border Patrol area to the United States Departures Lounge.
Hands touch the water of an Alberta stream; hands reach towards each other across a river. A unique perspective presenting our human connection to the elemental and purifying nature of water.
Musk Ox & Calf
Inspired by aboriginal legend and lore, The Raven is a ceiling suspended art piece that reflects both natural and artificial light year round.
Aerial depictions of Central Alberta's canola fields grace two wood and fabric Bellanca Cruisemaster wings, rising from the floor of the domestic departures level.
Recovery of Memory: All Time is Irredeemable - Photographic Panorama
Bronze monument
In this installation, Fitch aims to reveal the quirky, subconscious realities inherent in the presentation of visual merchandising.
Flightpath is a 160-metre sound and light installation. Arriving passengers are tracked as they move through the corridor, and are rewarded with vibrant light patterns of red LED light.