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US Connections


Connecting to the US through EIA is easy!

US Connections makes travel faster, easier and more enjoyable for US-bound passengers connecting through Edmonton International Airport (EIA).

Canadian passengers with boarding cards and/or baggage tags connecting to US destinations no longer have to retrieve their bags and re-check in with their airlines before entering US Customs. Instead, they can enjoy the wide range of food, beverage and retail services available in EIA's domestic passenger lounge while waiting for their connecting flights.

After arriving at EIA, US Connections passengers can proceed directly to their connecting flights by way of a new US Connections security station at US Customs. Bags will be transferred directly to the US baggage room for security screening and loading on to their US connection.
Connecting to the US will be even faster for NEXUS members. After going through the US Connections station, NEXUS card holders will be able to use NEXUS self-serve kiosks and dedicated lanes that bypass line-ups, making EIA the fastest and most convenient way for western Canadians to connect to the US.

US Connections is for passengers who are arriving into EIA on a domestic flight (within Canada) For example: Saskatoon-Edmonton-Las Vegas International arrivals are not eligible as all passengers must clear Canada Customs upon arriving into EIA.  For example: Amsterdam-Edmonton-Calgary

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I see my bag before I land at my US destination?
No, as long as you have a ticket and your bag(s) is/are tagged through to their US destination, you will not need to claim your luggage until your final US destination.

What if a customs agent wants to inspect my bag?
There are protocols set up so that the bag(s) is/are brought up from the baggage room and into the customs hall, permitting the agent to interview the passenger/examine luggage as required. This is the only circumstance when a US bound connecting passenger will see their bag in Edmonton. Otherwise, you will
simply claim your bag at your US destination.

What if I arrive at the US Connections bypass door before my luggage has been transferred?
The US Connections agent at the bypass door will scan your bag tag. If you arrive at the door before the bag has been transferred, the agent will let you know and invite you to spend time in the domestic passenger lounge before proceeding through to US pre-clearance.

How do I find my way to the US Connections bypass door?
Simply follow the signage with the US flag to the far south end of the domestic passenger lounge. As we launch this program and help familiarize our customers with the improved process, our Airport Volunteer Ambassadors (AVA) will be watching for connecting travellers, and assisting with directions.

What's the benefit to the traveller?

  • It's easier, faster and more enjoyable to connect through EIA without having to pick up and re-check your bags.
  • The domestic passenger lounge is significantly larger and has many more amenities that our connecting passengers will now be able to enjoy.
  • The connecting time and process will be far quicker and easier.