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Kyler Schogen

Kyler Schogen's guitar based, feel good music, consists of catchy, bluesy, melodic rock. His 4th album, Like Gypsies was #1 on Lethbridge’s CKXU 88.3 FM and his just released sixth album, “Moment In Time”, is getting airplay on Campus Radio around the world. Starting to play under his own name in 1996 and covering ground from Whitehorse to the Mexican border, Kyler has played over 3000 shows since and his smooth style infused with fiery blues riffs has shown up on over a thousand studio recordings.

Kyler Schogen and band have shared the stage with Gordie Johnson, Long John Baldry, Northern Pikes, Doug & the Slugs, Warrant, Teenage Head, etc and his music is sold on, itunes, Amazon, CD Baby...    


Kyler Schogen - Discography:


Moment In Time - 2017  Bluesy, Melodic Rock

Starlight Dreams - 2015  Mellow Instrumental

Like Gypsies - 2013  Blues & Bluesy Rock

Pocket Fulla Nothin` - 2011  Blues & Bluesy Rock

Electric Life - 2009  Blues & Bluesy Rock

Plain & Simple - 2003  Blues

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