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Meet Excellence

Visit this page often to meet the faces of our organization and the ambassadors of our brand, in the airport and community. 

Joel has served with the RCMP for 25 years, with the past 16 of those in the Police Dog Service (PDS).  He was on the K Div Emergency Response Team for ten years as a dog handler. While still a policeman, Joel’s primary job is bodyguard and chauffeur driver for his VIP (very important partner) BOLT.
Police Dog Service BOLT is a five-year-old, male German Shepherd trained to track and apprehend criminals. His specialty? Detecting explosives.  BOLT’s nose is called upon to clear baggage alarms and any suspicious items that may contain IEDs (improvised explosive devices). BOLT is highly trained to deal with any threat to aviation security and will respond 24/7 to EIA.