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Chair Massage – Corporate / Personal Wellness

Chair Massage provides the opportunity for personal wellness in a short amount of time. Ten to 20 minute sessions aid in stress relief, reduce anxiety, improve immune response, reduce fatigue and improve mental clarity.

Centered on the head, neck, shoulders, back and arms, Chair Massage provides the greatest benefits to those who are seated for long periods of time. Little space is required, outside a quiet private room. An unused office is typically perfect for chair massage!

Those receiving treatment remain fully clothed, and in the space of a coffee break can return to their work-space re-energized, and clear headed. Since no oils or balms are generally used there is little to no impact to co-workers, aside from wishing they’d gotten to go first.


Massage can help you recharge and restore your energy and creativity. By increasing circulation, massage clears out accumulated stress hormones and waste products that can cause muscle fatigue and soreness and increases oxygen to improve healing.


Much more than a foot massage, Reflexology is a targeted and direct means of impacting all areas of the body in a specific and concentrated manner. There are over 7,000 nerve endings in the feet, which pass messages throughout the body along nerve pathways. Careful isolation and stimulation of these nerves allows the Reflexologist the opportunity to directly manipulate the nervous pathway to discrete areas of the body, including the organs, large muscle groups, and even the brain.


Many eastern cultures embrace the belief that life energy flows throughout and beyond the human body. Reiki is a gentle hands-on healing method that utilizes these energies to provide what recipients often refer to as ‘profound’. Still and focused, practitioners place their hands on or above the head, shoulders, back, chest, stomach, and limbs. Recipients often experience reduction of pain following treatment, increased relaxation, and a sense of well-being. Studies have long shown that increased relaxation and a calm mental state can improve healing and boost the immune system. Reiki is one such method recognized for its potential to promote good health and well-being.



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