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Experience the joys of Belgian cuisine and beer at EIA! The Belgian Beer Cafe is a traditional style restaurant which specializes in providing an authentic modern Belgian inspired experience serving a wide range of specialty and local food and Belgian beers.

Now, prepare to be amazed by BBC's new menu featuring the perfect dishes to satisfy all your cravings. While you're here, take a look at the restaurant's updated drink list; there's so much to choose from, it'd be smart to decide before you arrive!

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Nestled next to the bright foliage of the Living Wall in EIA’s newly expanded terminal is the Belgian Beer Café, a veritable Garden of Eden for airport-going food lovers and beer connoisseurs. As the first and only café of its kind in Canada, customers step off the gleaming thoroughfare of EIA’s newly expanded Domestic-International Passenger Lounge and pull up a chair in 1920’s Belgium.

“We went to great lengths to capture that authentic Belgian pub experience,” explains Cale Inglis, Managing Director of Belgian Beer. And it shows. From importing original floor tiles from a church in Belgium to hiring a Belgian carpenter for the installation of the replica oak bar, the decor reflects a commitment to timeless quality and unparalleled craftsmanship.

Belgian Beer Café

These values are as clearly engrained in the floorboards as they are in the café’s central offering – the beer. The menu showcases an impressive selection of over 40 different bottles of Belgian beer, 5 Domestic, and 10 on-tap features, each served with their own unique glassware which is, of course, shipped directly from Belgium.

For the uninitiated, Cale lays it out simply: “Belgium is to beer as Italy is to pizza.” It’s a big deal. Historically, Belgian beer is known for its unique flavour profiles, the product of blending French, German, and Dutch influences. By combining the meticulous cultivation of tradition with the relentless pursuit of innovation, Belgian brewers have secured a reputation as world leaders in the art and science of brewing.

But let’s face it; when it comes to beer, it’s all about sampling that tradition yourself. If Stella Artois is the only Belgian beer in your repertoire, why not branch out?  Try the Rochefort 10, a Trappist Quadruple Dark Ale with a deep, pronounced flavour and lingering, chocolatey after-taste. “It’s a serious beer,” Cale jokes.

As it turns out, Trappist beers come with their own fascinating history. This honourable designation is only given to breweries that meet a set of very specific criteria. The beer is brewed within the walls of a Trappist monastery under the supervision of monks and most, if not all profits are donated to charities, a tradition which extends back to a time when beer – along with milk, bread and cheese – was sold to generate revenue for the monastery. Enriched by centuries of craftsmanship, these master brewers have used the same malt, barley, even the same well-water to perfect the techniques and recipes of their trade.

Belgian Beer Cafe - Experience EIA

While Belgian Beer Café is steeped in tradition, it keeps things fresh and eclectic with a menu to delight the well-travelled foodie. With over 60 restaurants spread across four continents and 20 countries, offerings include a range of dishes that flaunt the café’s international flare while highlighting local flavours and ingredients. Stop by and share a pot of mussels or enjoy gourmet sliders proudly prepared with the highest quality Albertan beef. Or, better yet – order a round of world-famous, double-fried Belgian fries served with truffle-infused mayonnaise.

Whether you’d rather not travel on an empty stomach, or want to drink up some barrel-aged Belgian history, the Belgian Beer Café is one stop you’ll definitely want to make on your way to your destination.

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Fun Fact: There are six Trappist Breweries in Belgium. 

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